Hi there! I'm so happy to have you visit (and hopefully revisit) my blog. I'd like to share a little about myself. I'm Judy, just Judy, no middle name.  

I'm a Crime TV junkie - not the network shows, the real stuff. I'm a Bulletproof Coffee and Whole30 aficionado.  I love Pretzel Goldfish and pizza which are not Whole30 approved and Tequila which is, sort of. When I'm stressed, I organize very small things and watch CrimeTV and eat Pretzel Goldfish!

I was born in Brooklyn and grew up in New Jersey. Since graduating college-a LONG time ago, I've lived in Rhode Island, Montana and Colorado. I'm a December girl with lots of salt and pepper (mostly salt) hair and a big laugh. I believe you can never use too many !s and I couldn't care less about run-on sentences or dangling participles. My favorite color is purple.

My husband Ron and I have 5 adult children who live in 4 states - only 1 of which is Colorado. I never claimed to be an outdoor girl and I'm content enjoying a "powder or bluebird day" from the inside looking out - although I did ski yesterday! 

I invite you to enjoy, comment on and share my ramblings!!!

(Sharing the photo with my son Michael) 

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